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Wopereis Agricultural Solutions

Closely Connected to the Agricultural Sector Since 1931

In 1931, Wopereis was founded in Mariënvelde as a farm smithy. Wopereis grew, and in 1968, the company moved to Doetinchem to a larger facility. Over time, Wopereis became increasingly specialized in barn construction: steel construction, barn equipment, and milking systems. Since 1996, the specializations of manure storage and biogas systems have been added to our portfolio.

At Wopereis, we do more than you think. You can also come to us for the realization of industrial halls and production halls. Wopereis machine construction designs and manufactures machines and production lines for the food processing and fresh produce industry. Wopereis delivers custom stairs, railings, and balustrades for both industrial applications and residential construction.

Wopereis distinguishes itself through its comprehensive nature. We realize each project in-house. From the first drawing to the delivery on site.

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Barn and Hall Construction

At Wopereis, we always deliver custom solutions.

Building a barn with us goes far beyond just the construction; we always offer custom solutions tailored to your needs. We include your business plan in the process and find solutions. Wopereis is a partner that thinks along from the first idea at the kitchen table to the final delivery. With a keen eye for detail and years of experience, we dedicate ourselves to building barns that are not only functional but also contribute to the welfare of the animals. Discover the power of custom-built barns with Wopereis, where craftsmanship and agricultural expertise come together.

  • Turn-key barn and hall construction
  • Machinery sheds
  • Concrete work, steel constructions
  • New construction, remodeling, renovation
  • Roof and facade cladding, asbestos removal
  • Large and small projects

Milking Systems

Superior milk quality in a comfortable environment.

Wopereis Milking Systems specializes in both traditional and automated milking and power feed provision. As a dealer, installation, and service company for renowned brands, Wopereis Milking Systems provides expert advice on efficient milking methods from Doetinchem and Staphorst (Wopereis Vredeveld Milking Systems) in the provinces of Gelderland, Drenthe, Flevoland, and Overijssel.

  • Traditional milking
  • Automatic milking – milking robots
  • Rotary milking parlors
  • Goat and calf drink automats

Barn Interiors and Barn Automation:

Complete and sustainable custom barn interiors for optimal animal comfort and a hygienic living environment.

Wopereis Agricultural Systems provides complete custom barn solutions. At Wopereis, we aim for optimal animal comfort and a hygienic living environment. Our solutions are thoughtful and tailored to the unique needs of your animals, with an eye for both animal comfort and sustainability. Discover how we create the perfect environment that not only meets your animals’ needs but also exceeds your expectations.

  • Cubicles
  • Feeding and separation fences
  • Manure robots and scrapers
  • Ventilation technology
  • Water troughs
  • Rubber mats
  • Feeding and individual calving boxes
  • Herding systems

(Manure) Storage Systems

Your solution in manure storage

Wopereis Storage Systems (formerly Stefos) is the go-to provider for storage and cover systems for water, sludge, and manure in the agricultural sector. Wopereis can supply all manure/water storage and cover systems, but we are also the right place for repairs, maintenance, inspection, and cleaning.

  • Wire mesh and concrete silos
  • Foil basins
  • Tension covers and floating covers
  • Mixing and piping systems

Expertises (Agrarisch)


  • Dairy Barns
    concrete work, purlins, steel structures, roof and wall, ventilation, etc.
  • Calf Barns
  • Young Stock Barns
  • Beef Cattle Barns
  • Milking Parlors
  • Machinery Sheds


  • Goat Barns

  • Dairy Goat Barns


  • Scheep Barns



  • Horse Barns
  • Equestrian Centers
  • Riding Arenas
  • Riding Arena Covers


  • Chicken Barns
  • Turkey Barns
  • Duck Barns



  • Pig Barns